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A Healthy Lifestyle Requires Healthy Water
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HealthyTap was born from the inspiration from our parent company, SafeWell and our collective experiences in the well water industry working with public health agencies, MassDEP, and the USEPA. We believe that public water users deserve healthy water, not water that’s Safe With Risks. They can now have healthy water right at their tap.

SafeWell grew out of the realization that residential homeowners don’t typically think much about the quality of their drinking water until it looks or smells bad, or when they are thinking of selling their home. And when a person buys a home, no one tells them what they should be doing to make sure the most important asset –the water–is healthy.

SafeWell is the industry leader in residential Drinking Water Protection. We’ve developed a proprietary Residential Water Score (RWS) system to clearly convey the impact of water quality on family health, the home’s infrastructure, and the perception of home value. We’re the first to offer TotalCare monitoring services to ensure the water is always healthy!



Healthy water from every tap in America



To empower people with drinking water protection solutions that ensure the highest quality of life and peace of mind.


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Our customers deserve our best. We champion personal and professional growth and seek win-for-all experiences for our team and customers.

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We deeply value our humanity. This is the reason we suit up every day and strive to deliver 7 Star Service. We’re committed to our community and take pride in knowing we’re making a difference.

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We treat every customer and member of our team like they’re part of our family. Appreciation. Love. Respect.

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We’re a team of problem solvers and embody a culture of continuous improvement and innovation through research, science, and technology.

healthytap inspired by SafeWell
  • SafeWell

    Started as a data collection company to help private well owners. Realized not many people tested their water.

  • Water Testing

    Created concierge service to assist well owners in testing their water. Developed a Water Quality Rating WQR).

  • Property Transfer

    Created water testing services for home buyers and sellers. Developed a Residential Smart Water Ecosystem.

  • Water Treatment

    Purchased Abbey Water Treatment and developed a TotalCare Drinking Water Protection Program.

  • HealthyTap

    Developed a Residential Water Score (RWS) for public water to assess water as Unhealthy, Safe With Risks, or Healthy. 3700 customer milestone.